Monday, May 25, 2015

Watercolor Techniques - Opaque - Colors


Opaque Colors
Though all Watercolors called transparent are luminous in thin Washes, some have more body than others. These opaque or body colors are capable of covering other dry Washes When they are applied in a thick consistency, even if the dry underwash is dark and the top color is light.
They are not truly opaque, as acrylics are, but are more so than the transparent colors.

Opaque colors include :
- All Cadmium Lemon
- Venetian Red
- Yellow Ochre
- Winsor Emerald 
- Cerulean Blue 
- Naples Yellow
- Olive Green
- Permanent Magenta

Testing Opacity
To test the degree of opacity in a color, first draw a 1/4 inch wide line with a black waterproof marker or India ink. Over this line, place a medium dark brushstroke of the desired color. To whatever degree the color covers up the black line, that's how opaque the color is.

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