This blog is a place for painters, for beginners or those who have advanced, therefore I am happy to invite all of you who like to paint for sharing knowledge, questions and answers together here .... Hopefully this blog can be useful for all the lovers of the art of painting

About me:
I am an autodidact painter, actor, Blogger and Manager at a hotel in Bandung, began to learn painting seriously since 1991 until now. inspired from the deceased-in-law (Mr.Undang Yudi) a naturalism
painter (puppet comic, comic children - H.C Andersen).
also my teacher, a Korean old man  who settled in LA, the owner of an art gallery in LA who inadvertently became my painting teacher (Mr. Lee).
Painting for me is a hobby not a serious work, and on the way of Art painting and acting I've ever tried, it could be concluded in a very simple words, that:

 "Practice makes us perfect"
"Keep practicing, patient and tenacious, because a great painting requires extra patience"

Keep up your spirit Friends,
"Asep Petir".