Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Watercolor Techniques - Transparent - Colors


Transparent Color
These wonderful, glowing, luminous colors that all water colorists love behave similarly to stained glass. They let light penetrate through the wash and reflect from the paper through the color. These are the most suitable colors for glazing (applying a wet wash over a completely dry wash without disturbing the lower layer) because they don't build up when they overlap. These true transparent colors make the most glowing, clear dark's, but some of these pigments are very strong and tend to dominate when they are mixed with other colors.
If you want to use only true transparent colors, you could use liquid watercolors. Unfortunately, most of the watercolors in liquid form are not very permanent, so you need to research their light fastness.
However, even if you find a permanent liquid watercolor brand, you'd still rob yourself of the opportunity to use the excitingly varied nature of your pigments. Artists advice is to use an artist's quality transparent watercolor in the tube made by a reputable company.