Saturday, January 3, 2015

How To Draw Tiger Head In Eight Easy Steps

1.Lightly sketch a circle. Divide it as shown.
2. Then mark off each half of the horizontal line in thirds.  Do the same with the bottom half of the vertical. Add another  1/3 mark under circle.
3. Spot in the eyes and nostrils.           
4. Draw in eye corners.  Drop parallel lines to nose for muzzle's top.  Position ears halfway in two top arcs (either facing forward,  as on left,  or facing outward, as on right).  Draw chin.
5. Sketch in bulbous muzzle in line with outside of eyes.Extend each half slightly below circle.                                                  
6. Add shaggy ruff  behind cheeks.  Indicate streaks from which whiskers will come. These streaks are darker in tiger  than lion.         
7. With very light lines decide on pattern for facial stripes.  Spotin pupils.  Add whiskers.
8. Darken  stripes and shade muzzle. tiger "personalities"  may be built on this scheme as at left and below. This is a straight-on view of a tiger head.  If  the  head is  to be tilted downward, then the eyes would be placed below  the starting horizontal line (fig. 3) and the nose would likewise be lower. the bottom of the muzzle (or uper lip) would be considerably below circle in fig.5 concerning the ears, most mammals can turn them independently if a sound occurs to one side or the other (as drawn 4 through 7), but in drawing, as a rule, they look better uniformly placed as in the order sketches on these two pages.

Facial Design Differences
Examine and compare the faces of the tigers 8 & 9,  also 10 to 14 at the right. Notice the differences in the facial patterns.  
First,  look at markings above eyes, then on cheeks. Tigers 12, 13 & 14 have shaggier ruffs back of cheeks.
Check out the eyes and  ears.   Notice bits of shading on mouths and noses.
There is no doubt that the tiger is one of the most beautifully marked creatures on the face of the earth.

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