Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Drawing Lion & Primate Heads in Easy Steps - Painting & Drawing Tips

Drawing Lion Head in Seven Easy Steps
1. Draw a horizontal, two crossing verticals and an X beneath, leaving an enclosure slightly deeper than wide.

2. Then draw two small eye circles below horizontal and outside of verticals. Place parentheses-like markings ( ) on either side of X directly below circles. Add curved chin line.

3. Draw large circle crossing center of X, with circle’s center even with bottom of eyes. Add looping ears extending out from circle almost as far as chin line.

4. Sketch mane's outline behind ears and on either side of cheeks. Let hair cup in and converge informally below chin. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paper And Board Discussion For Watercolor Painting

http://tips-trick-idea-forbeginnerspainters.blogspot.com/2014/12/paper-and-board-discussion-for.htmlPapers and Boards
Arches 140-Ib. coldpress, Arches 140-lb. hot press,Strathmore 2-ply plate finish bristol board, Crescent #112 rough watercolor board, and gessoed Aquarius watercolor paper. 
Discussion of each surface as follow.

This paper has texture, and although it is possible to move paint around on it to a limited degree, the pigment tends to stay where you place it. You can achieve a soft look by laying in color and then spraying it with water, allowing the color to run. 
This technique works well on this paper although the color does not run as much as it does on other papers such as bristol board. Artist Generally soak and then staple this paper to a board, allowing it to dry completely before painting. This gives the tight surface wich some Artists prefer.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Brushes Tips For Watercolor Painting

What are the proper Brushes For Watercolor Painting

This can be confusing for the beginning water colorist. 
Many people are natural collectors and seem to accumulate every gadget that comes along. If your pocketbook can afford it,nothing wrong with this.
Always experimenting and have acquired many materials for the purposes, however, We will only discuss the materials that are essential for the beginner to have.

From Left To Right : 2-inch sky-flow brush, 1.5-inch Flat, 1-inch Flat, 3/4-inch Flat, No.12 Round, No. 8 Round, No. 4 Round, Rigger and the last two are scrubbers.

If we shold to choose which of my materials should be of the finest quality, it would be this brushes. The following is information on a selection of brushes with a wide range of costs.